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NORTH MIAMI, Fla., July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigap.coman online resource that compares free Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements and Part D prescription drug plans, today released the results of a proprietary survey designed to gather insights into the understanding and satisfaction of Medicare beneficiaries with their current coverage.

Today, nearly 64 million Americans are enrolled in either original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, and approximately 50 million are enrolled in Medicare Part D. As health care needs increase later in life and the coverage provided by various Medicare plans continues to change, it is essential that beneficiaries have a handle on what their specific plan covers and if it is the best option for them.’s Medicare Basics Survey polled more than 750 Medicare beneficiaries age 65 or older to find out their attitudes and beliefs about their coverage. The results show that there is a distinct lack of knowledge among beneficiaries about what medical services are covered and not covered by their health insurance plan, as well as a desire for broader medical coverage within the program.

Notable findings from the survey include:

  • More than one in four respondents (26%) said they were only “fairly familiar” with their plan’s coverage.
  • Almost one in three respondents (31%) felt that their plan did not cover all of their essential medical care.
  • More than half (56%) of respondents say they are concerned about the cost of their medical expenses.
  • More than a quarter (27%) of respondents said they have essential medical needs that are not covered by their plan.
  • In terms of what they wish their plans had better coverage of, 74% of respondents mentioned dental health services, 52% vision health services and 43% hearing health services.

From these results, it is clear that there needs to be improved education and resources available to Medicare beneficiaries, especially considering that nearly two in five respondents (37.57% ) said they were overwhelmed trying to figure out what is and isn’t covered by their projects. This unfamiliarity with plan coverage can also make it difficult to make the decision to switch to a new plan, which almost a quarter (23%) of respondents said they had considered.

This can result in beneficiaries remaining enrolled in a plan that is not best suited to their needs, which can ultimately prevent them from seeking care to avoid out-of-pocket costs. More than one in ten respondents (12%) said they did not seek certain medical services because they did not know if they were covered by their current plan.

“Medicare provides health insurance to more than 60 million Americans; it’s not easy to come up with a set of covered services that will work perfectly for all of them,” said Lindsay Malzone, Medicare expert at “With this in mind, it is very important that we know where the gaps in beneficiary knowledge and service coverage lie, as the program is constantly evolving and striving to amend itself to satisfy as many people as possible. people at a time. We found that beneficiaries need better access to information resources to understand not only what their plan covers, but also whether or not there is another plan that might better meet their medical and financial needs.

Survey methodology
This poll was conducted on May 24, 2022 with a national sample of 756 Americans ages 65 and older. To download the full survey results, please click here.


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