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Agra: The Aligarh administration has made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated with at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to receive a subsidized ration under the public distribution system (PDS). The decision was made on Friday after a man tested positive for Covid in the city the day before.
Authorities have announced that families with even one unvaccinated person will be refused the ration “until they receive the administered dose.” To help families access the ration, however, authorities have set up vaccination facilities in 196 of these stores in urban areas. There are approximately 1,346 PDS centers in the region.
“The stores will have a vaccination center so people don’t have to go to the hospital. This step was taken to motivate people to get vaccinated, ”said Rajesh Soni, district supply manager.
Posters were placed outside PDS stores in Aligarh saying “No vaccine, no ration for beneficiaries. Obtaining a vaccination certificate is compulsory to obtain subsidized wheat and rice ”.
Eligible PDS beneficiaries who do not wish to be vaccinated were asked to provide a “satisfactory response” explaining the reason for not doing so to the administration.
Aligarh’s additional chief medical officer, Dr MK Mathur, said the campaign’s response was “very good” and many showed up for the vaccine. He said: “More than 52,000 people were vaccinated in the district today (Saturday), including those who received vaccines in the camps. Authorities have yet to calculate the total number of people vaccinated only at PDS stores.
Mathur added that an on-site registration service is available and that around 75 teams have been formed to help with the campaign. Only Aadhar cards are needed for vaccination, he said.
Nishad Mustaq, a beneficiary, said the ration was provided to him immediately after receiving the vaccine. “I thought it would be a cumbersome process, but it wasn’t,” he said, adding that the queue grew longer as the day wore on.
Notwithstanding the local administration’s claim of “success”, a senior UP official admitted, on condition of anonymity, that denying the ration on these grounds would not be legally viable. “How can you deny people food? There are better ways to motivate people than to take such action, ”he said, adding that“ coercive ”tactics would undermine the work of government.
By the way, this is not the first time that restrictions have been placed on people not vaccinated with UP. Alcohol vendors in UP’s Saifai have placed posters outside their stores saying “Alcohol will only be sold to those who have Covid vaccination certificates.” The store owners claimed that the region’s sub-divisional magistrate told them not to sell alcohol to those who did not receive the jab.
The Madhya Pradesh government also announced this week that the subsidized ration will not be provided to people without proof of Covid vaccination. According to the order, beneficiaries will not receive a ration if they do not take the two doses of the vaccine by the end of the year.


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