Luján joins colleagues in announcing the commitment of two key data brokers to permanently stop selling the location data of people seeking abortion services


US Senator Ben Ray Luján


WASHINGTON, DC – United States Senator Ben Ray Luján (DN.M.) and his Senate colleagues announced that SafeGraph and, two data brokers, have committed, in response to their request, to permanently stop selling location data of people who attend abortion clinics.

The data brokers’ commitment follows a May 2022 letter that Senator Luján sent along with thirteen of his colleagues, accusing the companies of collecting and selling the cellphone-based location data of people who visit abortion clinics and endangering the safety of anyone seeking to access abortion services.

In their responses to the senators’ letter, both companies provided detailed answers about their data collection practices and answered the call to permanently stop selling location data of people who visit abortion clinics.

SafeGraph said: “SafeGraph has removed all model statistics related to aggregate visits to businesses classified by the NAICS code for family planning clinics, 621410. In other words, it is now impossible to access information on visits to family planning centers from our Platform.” said, “The company is committed, on a permanent basis, to disabling user access to data regarding any additional sensitive locations that raise similar concerns, including other reproductive health providers who have not may not have been identified in previous reviews of the company. »


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