Lancashire man jailed for scamming friends and family over £ 90,000


A Lancashire man has been jailed for more than two years after defrauding friends and family for £ 90,000.

Matthew Normyle, 41, of Lord Street, Morecambe, was jailed on Tuesday for misrepresentation fraud at Manchester Crown Court after his friends, ex-partner and colleagues invested nearly £ 90,000 in a fictitious business.

Normyle’s offenses were committed while living in Salford and Rochdale, with the fraud amounting to £ 87,250.

The first of his victims had known Normyle since 2012 and believed him to be a good friend.

In May 2018, the victim returned to the UK after living abroad and moved into Normyle’s apartment.

Normyle offered him an investment opportunity in his new boiler business “Elite Heating”, which he said would sell and supply boilers to a construction company.

Elite Heating never existed and was a front for its fraudulent activities.

The victim invested £ 10,000, sending the amount to an account in Normyle’s name.

The following month the victim invested an additional £ 10,000, this time to finance industrial boilers, sending the money to the same account.

Payments promised to the victim for these investments were due to start in August, but Normyle claimed that for tax purposes this would be delayed until September.

It then became December after convincing the victim to let their investment pile up.

After a night out the victim invested an additional £ 3,000 and when Normyle claimed further delays were caused by a legal dispute with a construction company the victim paid an additional £ 2,000 in cash to cover a tax form for the court.

The victim never received his return on investment and by early 2020 had grown suspicious, believing Normyle was pretending to be his own accountant called “Howie” to send emails, texts and documents.

Normyle then claimed that “Howie” stole money from Elite Heating, which again delayed payment. The victim lost a total of £ 25,000.

The second victim had also known Normyle for about seven or eight years, and in September 2019, Normyle offered him the opportunity to invest in Elite Heating.

The victim started off with a small investment, but between September and November 2019 he made seven transactions on Normyle’s bank account for a total of £ 25,500.

The victim used the money from his overdraft, loans and money left with his children to pay for the investment, feeling the turnaround was quick and trusted Normyle as he had known him for so long.

It wasn’t long before an apology was made as to why the payment would be late and Normyle was aware of the victim’s financial situation.

Normyle repaid £ 5,000 to the victim who was told he would have to wait until February for more, then informed him in March that the accountant at the “Howie” company had stolen the money, but that the insurance would have to pay and reimburse an additional £ 5,000.

The second victim lost a total of £ 15,500.

The third victim was a friend of the second, who also invested £ 26,000 in Normyle’s program between October and December 2019 after satisfactorily checking that Normyle was dealing with the construction company as he claimed.

However, the payments had never yet been received and when he wanted to withdraw money from the company he was informed of the accountant ‘Howie’ and stole the money and an investigation was underway with the bank on this.

Two other victims were also former colleagues of Normyle, who invested £ 7,500 and £ 5,000 respectively.

A sixth victim met Normyle through a friend, paying £ 5,000, and Normyle’s ex-partner also lost £ 3,250 due to the scheme.

Not only had Normyle defrauded his friends with money, he also exploited a long-time customer, claiming that a new boiler he had previously installed was unsafe or that there were serious flaws. , alleging that expensive repairs were necessary.

Following the victims’ attempts to meet Normyle he was reported to the police and following numerous unsuccessful attempts to speak to him Normyle was arrested at Manchester Airport on May 28, 2021 upon his return from Spain UK.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two years and ten months in prison.

There will be a proceeds of crime hearing at a later date.

Detective Constable Clara Williams, of GMP’s Complex Fraud Investigation Team, said: “Normyle made the despicable decision to take advantage of his friends, colleagues and former partner to pay his own debts and finance his own lifestyle and we are happy that he is being punished for his crimes.

“His actions have had a devastating impact on those around him, only to cover his own back after living far beyond his means and racking up debts with various loan companies.

“While we are happy that Normyle is spending time behind bars, we will look to use the proceeds of crime legislation so that if Normyle gets in the money, we can take it and return some of what the victims are. Are lost.

“Tackling fraud is a relentless task, but we will continue to work diligently to remove ill-gotten gains from criminals and I want to thank the public for continuing to support our work by reporting fraud and sharing information.

“If you see something or suspect that something is wrong, let us know and we can do something.”

Anyone with information can contact the police through LiveChat on our website,, call 101 or 999 in an emergency, or call the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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