Ladder uses cash to promote life insurance


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  • Ladder recently raised $ 100 million in new capital.
  • The first advertisements of the campaign show a family who set up their house.
  • Google Trends results show that home bombs can generate high search traffic in states such as Ohio and New York.

Ladder Financial recently raised $ 100 million from outside investors – and it’s using some of that money to try to sell American viewers the idea that great life insurance exists.

The 4-year-old Palo Alto, California-based life insurer and online broker has hired an advertising agency, Fred & Farid Los Angeles, to develop a new campaign.

The first four places in the campaign features a family who set up their home, with unsuccessful homicide attempts, the slogan “Life insurance is so good they’re going to want you dead” and the warning: “But seriously: kill intentionally an insured will cancel all life insurance benefits.

The versions of the ads on received approximately 341,000 views in the first six days of their posting, based on the number of views on YouTube.

Ladder markets term life insurance contracts that give policyholders the flexibility to reduce coverage as their needs change.

Another well-capitalized life insurance distributor, Ethos, runs ads featuring people living their lives in bubble wrap, with slogans such as “Peace of Mind with Bubble Wrap” and “Keep Going” . Remove the bubble wrap.

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