DealFlow Events Announces Life Settlements Conference


The largest gathering of investors, brokers and financial experts interested in life settlements

Jericho, NY, April 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 2018 Life Settlements Conference will be held September 13 in New York City, featuring the largest gathering of investors, brokers, insurance experts, attorneys in finance and other professionals interested in networking and discussing the life settlement market.

Early bird tickets can be purchased on the conference website at

Organized by DealFlow Events, the Life Settlements Conference is the premier event bringing together the most active and influential participants in this highly specialized market. For years, DealFlow Events has hosted this conference on all facets of the life settlements market, featuring cutting-edge information and news not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the panel discussions planned for this event:

Current state of the market

  • The US regulatory environment in 2018
  • Insider Best Practices for Selling and Investing in Life Settlements
  • Impact of new consumer disclosures

Against competition

  • What happens with insurance companies that offer corresponding LS offers?
  • Insurance Companies & Rising Rates: Their Impact on Life Settlement Margins
  • Merger of LS companies brings signs of market consolidation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Trends: Private Equity Firms Absorb LS Companies

Legal Trends of Life Settlements

  • A Look at Market Disputes
  • New Cybersecurity Regulations for Life Settlements Brokers
  • Potentially revolutionary legislation pending in states
  • Keep an eye on Canada: changing the rules on insurance companies

Tax compliance

  • The Latest Rules of the Road with TCJA and More
  • Viaticum taxation vs. Life Settlement taxation
  • How New Tax Laws Benefit Consumers
  • Life Settlement Fund and Tax Compliance

Evaluation of portfolios, funds and costs

  • Current wisdom on portfolio valuation
  • Control premium acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Should funds be open or closed?
  • Trends in underwriting reliability and life expectancy

Future-oriented shows from Life Settlement

  • Assess market growth
  • Predict reliable ROI
  • Growth of securitizations on the secondary market
  • Tertiary sales and liquidity of Life Settlement investments

Weigh investment options

  • Direct purchases of life insurance policies
  • Direct Fractional Life Settlements
  • Life Settlement Private Equity Fund

Due Diligence Matters

  • Best Practices for Identifying Legitimate Life Settlement Investments
  • Review policies, ask the right questions of investment advisors
  • Assessing LS funds when reviewing individual policies is impractical
  • What happens if the insurers refuse to pay the benefit?

DealFlow Events hosts the largest independent and only unbiased conference in the life settlements industry. This conference covers the pros and cons of living settlements and the current state of the market.

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