Cocolife, Cocolife Healthcare Named Best Filipino Insurance Company and Health Insurance Provider by IBM Awards

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October 13, 2021 | 8h00

MANILA, Philippines – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our economy and our lives, the future looks bleak for every Juan.

Now, Filipinos are paying more attention to the security of their family’s future by purchasing life and health insurance coverage.

Your partner for life

Cocolife Healthcare has been recognized as the Most Outstanding Healthcare Provider in the Philippines 2021 by the International Business Magazine (IBM) Awards.

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As a brand trusted by Filipino families, Cocolife was recently recognized as the Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company in the Philippines 2021, while Cocolife Healthcare was recognized as the Most Outstanding Healthcare Provider. in the Philippines 2021 by the International Business Magazine (IBM) Awards.

Covering countries across the globe, the prestigious award recognized the achievements of diverse industrial talents, global leaders, companies and others in the international business and finance arena.

The award prides itself on “honoring all who strive for supreme quality service”. It’s no small feat that Cocolife has managed to secure not only its first international award, but two awards in this year’s IBM Awards series.

Much can be attributed to the new management of Cocolife, which took over just two years ago.

“These two awards are sources of inspiration for Cocolife to do even better as we go. It is a validation of our commitment to excellence and integrity in the service of the Filipino people, ”said Atty, President and CEO of Cocolife. Martin Loon.

Cocolife’s mission of service has truly permeated all levels of Cocolife, from top to bottom.

“Our mindset has always been service-oriented – all of our systems, process improvements and even our constant desire to achieve excellent corporate governance are really meant to serve our people better,” Loon added.

But this attention extends not only to Cocolife customers but also to their own employees. Despite the increase in unemployment rates due to the pandemic, Cocolife employees were able to keep their jobs while retaining their wages and benefits.

Chairman and CEO of Cocolife Atty. Martin loon

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App, app and let’s go!

Cocolife’s recent development of its mobile application has helped fill a gap in an industry that was and still is dependent on physical transactions.

With restrictions prohibiting many non-essential activities, Cocolife had to innovate and leverage technology to be able to reach more Filipinos with its service.

The Cocolife mobile app can be seen as an important step in revolutionizing the industry and advancing the future of insurance.

Cocolife Protect and Protect Plus, along with Cocolife FLEXI, were innovative insurance products that helped Cocolife stand out from other companies by orienting themselves to better meet customer needs, especially during the pandemic.

Executive Vice-President of the Cocolife Healthcare division and Chief Executive Officer Franz Joie D. Araque

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Here to serve

Cocolife Healthcare’s victory for the Most Outstanding Healthcare Provider is also well deserved. Cocolife Healthcare has not only established partnerships with leading companies in the Philippines, but is also ISO certified and regulated by IC.

For Cocolife Healthcare, serving Filipinos doesn’t just mean providing relevant services to their customers, but also caring for the people who make it happen.

Cocolife Healthcare responded to around 800 million COVID-19-related claims, which was largely due to its extensive network of accredited partners across the Philippines. Not only that, but Cocolife Healthcare has also developed a mobile app instead of the pandemic restrictions.

Aiming to provide seamless and fast transactions between customers and Cocolife Healthcare employees and providers, the mobile app dramatically improves the customer experience by providing secure and fast transactions. After all, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, any additional health and safety measures can make a difference.

Cocolife and Cocolife Healthcare attribute their accomplishments to their people and their willingness to serve the Filipino public despite the hardships made worse by the pandemic.

“This recognition is a seal of approval that we are a leading health insurer for Filipinos. This is in line with our commitment to provide quality insurance products and services to Filipinos and to have a better nation with our compatriots who are financially secure to face the daily hardships of life, ”said the vice president. Executive of the Health Care Division of Cocolife and Chef Franz Joie D. Araque. .

However, Cocolife and Cocolife Healthcare are not yet satisfied.

“This is just the start of our journey towards realizing our dream of being a world-class insurance and healthcare provider for Filipinos by Filipinos,” Loon concluded.

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