Amityville Village bugdet hearing set for Monday


Village of Amityville officials are working on the final details of its 2022/23 budget, which will be presented to the public at a hearing scheduled for Monday, April 4 at 7 p.m.

The proposed spending plan calls for an increase in overall spending of between $500,000 and $600,000, primarily due to increased costs for medical insurance, which increased by 13%, as well as other insurance, including including cyber insurance which has increased dramatically.

Additionally, the village is hiring new police officers and additional DPW workers.

Despite this, Mayor Dennis Siry said he and the council were committed early in the process to presenting a budget that would result in a tax levy within the New York State tax cap, while now the current level. of benefits.

“We absolutely didn’t want to cut services and even tried to add a few things,” Siry said while discussing the proposed new spending plan.

The mayor and board said they are confident in the increased tax revenue that will be generated through the Village By the Bay and Avalon projects.

“Between these two, and other opportunities for growth, we are confident that the Village’s funding source is stable and can support us in maintaining our services at current levels with this budget,” the mayor said.

The proposed budget also includes funds to be allocated to the fund balance, which will help offset pension payments as they come. The Village tried to add to the fund to reduce the impacts of future retirements. New York State has recommended that all municipalities set aside funds for retirement payments.

“Furthermore, as the Village continues to grow, we want our Moody’s and S&P scores to be as high as possible and a positive debt ratio will help ensure that,” said Catherine Murdock, Village Clerk/Treasurer. “They see fund balances as a way to measure the financial strength of municipalities.

Higher ratings mean the Village can borrow money for larger projects at lower interest rates. Lower ratings, higher cost of borrowing.

Mayor Siry said one of the hallmarks of his administration was to put the village on a solid financial footing and addressing the need to have sufficient funding for future pensions is a key factor in achieving this.

Another initiative of the new spending plan is to add a multimedia system to the third-floor courtroom to allow counsel meeting there to have a screen and computer for PowerPoint presentations and other access to Internet. “It’s something that’s really overdue,” said Siry, who estimated the system will cost $60,000.

The current tax rate is $37.19 per $100 of assessed value. This means that a house valued at $6,000 currently pays $2,231 a year in village taxes. If approved, the current spending plan would increase the tax rate by $1.99, resulting in an annual increase for the same home of $119.40 per year.

In other Village news, the Board of Directors recognized Amityville Fire Department Chief Rob Waegerle with a proclamation acknowledging his dedicated service and leadership as Chief of the Amityville Fire Department. Amityville. “It was a pleasure to have you as a chef. You have always given 100% to ensure public safety and improve the quality of life in the Village.

Assuming the role of head of department is Gavin Budde.


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