3 Dividend Growth Stocks That Are Also Value Plays


The dividend growth stocks we cut have increased payouts by at least 10% per year for the past five years

SmallCapPower | July 19, 2022: Dividend-paying stocks can generate income for investors without having to sell stocks. Additionally, dividend increases are generally a good indicator that companies are increasing their free cash flow (FCF) and are more likely to outperform their peers with stagnant dividend payouts. Dividend increases are usually a positive sign because they imply that a company’s profits have increased, so more funds can be allocated to dividend payouts. Today we discovered three dividend growth stocks that have grown at least 10% in their payouts to investors per year over the past five years.

* Stock prices and other metrics as of the close of trading on July 15, 2022

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co (NYSE: RS) – $174.69
base metals

Reliance Steel & Aluminum is a leading metal service center company specializing in value-added materials management and metal processing services. It also distributes metal products to customers in a wide range of industries. Reliance Steel is North America’s largest metal service center company. Its main products are carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and alloys. Reliance Steel provides metal processing services such as cut-to-length, slitting, slitting, engraving, plasma etching and sawing, precision plate sawing and shearing, among others, all according to the customer specifications.

  • Market cap: $10.9 billion
  • Return over 7 days: +2.3%
  • Return over 30 days: +3.5%
  • 30-day average trading volume: 427,477
  • Dividend yield: 2.1%
  • Dividend growth rate over 5 years: 10.5%

Regional Financial Corporation (NYSE:RF) – $18.24
Financial services

Regions Financial, a financial holding company, provides retail, commercial and mortgage banking and other financial services in the areas of asset management, wealth management, securities brokerage, fiduciary services, M&A advisory services and other specialized financings in the South and Midwest. and Texas. The company has 4 business segments. The Corporate Bank segment includes the company’s commercial banking functions, including commercial and industrial activities, commercial real estate, real estate lending to investors, equipment leasing financing and capital markets activities. The Consumer Bank segment includes the company’s branch network, including consumer banking products and services. The Wealth Management segment provides investment advice, asset management assistance and estate planning. Other includes corporate treasury function, securities portfolio, wholesale funding activities, etc.

  • Market cap: $17.9 billion
  • Return over 7 days: +0.9%
  • Return over 30 days: +0.5%
  • 30-day average trading volume: 7,372,552
  • Dividend yield: +3.5%
  • Dividend growth rate over 5 years: +19.7%

Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (NYSE: HIG) – $61.64
Financial services

The Hartford Financial Services Group is one of the nation’s leading multiline insurance and investment companies, offering investment products, group life and disability insurance, property and casualty insurance, and mutual funds in the United States. Hartford Financial strives to enhance its market leadership position within the financial services industry in the United States, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and other regions. It sells various innovative products through multiple distribution channels to individuals and businesses and is considered one of the leading property and casualty insurers and group employee benefits. Additionally, the company’s commitment to driving energy transition investment will likely attract more environmentally friendly energy investors.

  • Market cap: $20.7 billion
  • 7-day return: -4.1%
  • 30-day return: -3.2%
  • 30-day average trading volume: 1,732,885
  • Dividend yield: 2.4%
  • Dividend growth rate over 5 years: 10.1%

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