Are your subsequent loan applications being rejected? The reason for this may be that you submit them to companies that are too restrictive. We present a list of loans and payday loans online with high granting power. This time try to submit an application in one of them. What exactly does the decision to grant or not grant a loan depend on? We know ways to increase your chances to 100%.

Where can you get a 100% loan?

Where can you get a 100% loan?

We present a list of loan companies where it is easiest to get a loan online. Perhaps none of them is a loan with 100% grantability, but it is certainly easier to get a loan in them than in a bank or more restrictive lenders. In addition, in the case of payday loans, you can get a loan to your account in 15 minutes for free! It is enough that this is your first payday loan in a given company.

When you can’t get a loan at 100%?

There are some basic requirements that must be met by absolutely every loan company. They are of adequate age (at least 18 years), Polish citizenship or residence, possession of an ID card and a mobile phone. If you do not meet these requirements then you will definitely not get a loan online.

There is no such thing as a loan. The vast majority also requires a bank account and creditworthiness. A loan without an account can be obtained through a giro check or courier.

Is there a loan with 100% grant?

Is there a loan with 100% grant?

It is hard to answer this question clearly. Companies such as Lapuda and Carpital grant “loans without BIK” to indebted people, but they also require, for example, being at least 18 years old. In this sense, not everyone can get a loan in them. However, if you meet such basic requirements and submit your application correctly, you can count on them with virtually 100% granting, provided that you own a valuable car or your guarantor is solvent.

Private lenders often advertise with the slogan “100% granting”. Rather, it is only an advertising slogan. If someone actually granted a loan to absolutely everyone, they would quickly fall victim to cheaters. Theoretically, private lenders can do that – who will prohibit the rich? In practice, they have their own ways to earn and do not grant loans to everyone. However, companies offering non-bank loans want to remain on the market and therefore in one way or another they always check the creditworthiness of their clients.

We strongly advise against using private lenders. Who knows what methods they use to get away from other creditors? In addition, they are not subject to the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act, which limit the maximum cost of the loan. So it can be a loan with a very high percentage.

Payday loans with the highest granting – how to take them?

Applying for payday loans with high granting is very simple. All you need is the ID card, bank account and ID card. If you already have all these things:

  1. Choose an online lender If you are looking for a loan with a high grantability, you can use the table above.
  2. Click ‘submit an application’ or similar button.
  3. Provide all required information, including details from your ID card.
  4. Verify your identity through a bank account, i.e. a penny transfer or automatic verification system.
  5. Wait a moment for a credit decision.
  6. If it’s positive, you’ll get money soon.

Payday loans and credit

Payday loans and credit

In terms of granting, the differences between payday loans are fairly obvious – the former is much easier to get. Payday loans have a higher grant than cash loans. This is even because you can get payday pay even at the weekend, which is impossible with bank loans.

But this is only one side of the issue of admissibility. Admission is a bit like a lottery. Only in this lottery can you increase your chances of winning. If you give little information about yourself, as is the case with even online loans without verification, or their source will not be 100% certain, as with a loan without income certificates, then the lender will have to guess whether you will be able to pay back your commitment. As a result, you get it for a smaller amount and with a higher interest rate than for products at which your creditworthiness will be subjected to meticulous verification, such as a cash loan.

Suppose you have good credit standing. Subjecting yourself to a thorough assessment, e.g. by submitting a work certificate of income, will dramatically increase your chances of getting a loan, up to 100%. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to almost guarantee a winning lottery ticket.

How do lenders decide to grant a loan?

How do lenders decide to grant a loan?

This is not so obvious. A loan company or bank won’t just check what your income is. Various factors will be considered when deciding whether to grant you a loan. Some of them may be surprising. The most important of these, apart from your creditworthiness (i.e. your income and current financial obligations), is undoubtedly your credit history, which is how you have managed your loan repayments so far. But in addition to it, factors such as:

  • willingness to buy insurance for a loan, which of course has a positive impact on the decision,
  • number of people in the family,
  • age – optimal is around 30 -35 years old,
  • type of employment contract – of course the best is for a job,
  • occupation – those from the budgetary sphere are awarded,
  • maybe even your facebook profile!

Detailed rules for making a decision on granting a loan are a secret of financial institutions. Usually, people only play an auxiliary role in it. The assessment is then made by a special computer program that analyzes the applicant’s data based on information about similar clients.

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